Relationship Counseling

Are you tired of the arguments, the nagging, the lack of connection in your relationships? Are you feeling that someone close to you is headed down the wrong path and you don’t know what to do? Has your partner been unfaithful to you? Are you considering a separation or divorce? Do you want to ensure that your current healthy relationship stays on course? 

How you define a relationship is personal to you, but most would define a personal relationship as involving emotional connections and bonds. Intimate, close relationships can bring out our best selves and occasionally our worst (most vulnerable) selves. Relationships can highlight patterns of interaction learned in our own childhood. But here is the good news – you can learn new ways to communicate within a relationship, new thoughts about the reasons certain behaviors (perceived or real) can send you in a tailspin, and new ways of owning and acting on your responsibility in the creation of a great relationship. In counseling, you and your partner can unravel what is really happening in your relationship, and what you may be projecting onto the relationship. You can learn to restore trust after a hurtful event. You can learn to say you are sorry and really mean it. You can learn to choose, every day, to have a joyful relationship. Relationship Counseling at Breakwater Counseling Center can help. 

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