Life Transitions

Transitions can be exciting or scary. They can be of our choosing or forced upon us. They can involve family, work, quality of life, and aging but one thing is certain: life transitions like change itself, is pretty much inevitable. Transition Counseling at BCC can help you with letting go of false ideas and negative beliefs. It can help you create a road map to get where you want to go. Transition Counseling can help you identify those life events of the past which continue to cause anxiety; and can help you build your confidence during times of transition. Change can be scary for some people. Often it is the fear of the unknown that is holding us back. Playing it safe in an unfulfilling relationship, career or stage of life can be thought of as the easier, softer journey. But What If? What if you explored your options, made a plan and took a leap of faith? What if you discovered you could let go of a toxic relationship and move on? What if you made a well thought out plan to leave a job you hate? Transition Counseling at Breakwater Counseling Center can help. 

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