Family Counseling

Our home and our family life should be a safe harbor, a place to rest and recharge with our loved ones. But sometimes families get off course. Is your family struggling to find peace and harmony? 

Family Counseling involves the process of family members coming together to improve their communication skills and explore healthy boundaries and behavior patterns. During family counseling, the therapist will act as a mediator during sessions, model healthier communication styles, address individual behaviors that are destructive to the family unit, provide in-session and at-home bonding activities and praise healthy interactions amongst the family members. 

Sometimes, family members come to family counseling to point fingers at each other – insisting that one person or another needs to change. Although this may be true, and it would be awesome for you if that person actually changed, it can also be amazing when each member, individually takes responsibility for themselves, looking at what they can control/change, which normally is one’s own feelings and behaviors. The family unit acts as an integrated system with individual parts. If one member makes positive changes, it will positively affect the family as a whole. Imagine that by engaging in family counseling, you not only improve the functioning of your family, but also your functioning in all the many different areas of your life. Family Counseling at Breakwater Counseling Center can help. 

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