Due to her work with trauma and abuse, Joanne became interested in resiliency, the ability to change and self-empowerment. She began researching how people differ, how some people thrive and prosper, despite their traumatic or negative experiences. It became clear to her that the success of thriving people had less to do with the experience itself, and more to do with how they viewed and reacted to the event. If a person felt that their parent’s divorce was the defining event in their life and their life was forever changed for the worse- are they, as an adult, still living with that “tape” in their belief system? And how has this belief affected them? Joanne believes that a person can redefine themselves through redefining their thoughts, their feelings and their actions. Empowerment Counseling at Breakwater Counseling Center can help with this process. 

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  • "Speak the truth even if your voice shakes."